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eCommerce web design delivering mobile ready ecommerce websites

Our ecommerce web design and development team in Berkshire have helped many businesses to set up and manage successful B2B Business-to-Business as well as B2C Business-to Consumer ecommerce shops.

Here at Fusionsoft we have been designing, developing and supporting all manner of ecommerce web development projects since 1998. Our very first ecommerce web design service was for Toyota GB, where we built a private website for their UK car dealerships. Replacing around 200 green screen (stone age computers!) applications with modern browser based applications.

Ecommerce projects such as these were scary back in the day, since those early days though the technology has rapidly evolved, now, most ecommerce web development is relatively straight forward.

ecommerce web development

Broadly speaking ecommerce falls into two camps:

Which ecommerce service?

B2C ecommerce websites form the largest market as there are more consumers than business. At Fusionsoft we design and develop for both ecommerce markets, our own customer base is fairly evenly split between B2B and B2C; in fact, we are seeing a growing trend of businesses selling into both these markets.

Ecommerce website payment services

Today there are many ecommerce services to take online payments, amongst the popular ones are SagePay and PayPal, both of whom provide a reliable and secure service. PayPal tends to be a little more expensive, but easier to set up.

We will set up your ecommerce payment gateway as a part of our development service.

One important area that must not be overlooked is PCI compliance, this is important as it provides protection for you and your business, there are many benefits, one of the key ones is the fact that they help you keep your ecommerce shop secure. Beware, if you are not PCI compliant and any financial information leaks from or is stolen from your website, you will be liable for all of the fraud charges, which in some cases could run into hundreds of thousands of pounds.

If your ecommerce shop is not PCI compliant, fines start at around £5,000 Every website that sells any service online MUST be PCI compliant. As the famous Michael Caine once said, “not a lot of people know that”

Find out more about our ecommerce service

To discover how we can help you with your B2B or B2C ecommerce project contact us using the form below. To find out more about B2B or B2C, integrating your ecommerce website with a stock management system or if you require a Magento website development, use one of the links below.

If the target market for your ecommerce website is B2C end user consumers - click here 

If the target audience for your ecommerce website is B2B for business users or trade sales - click here

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Do you want to automate your ecommerce website? Click here to integrate your website with ERP and other back office applications

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